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TEXT Arthur Laurents, nach einer Konzeption von Jerome Robbins,in gegenwartsbezogener Neugestaltung des »Romeo und Julia«-Stoffes Songtexte: author Sondheim(Deutsche Übersetzung: free-spoken Thannhäuser und Nico Rabenald)MARIA, Bernardos Schwester (von der Gruppe der »Sharks«)TONY, Riffs Freund (von der Gruppe der »Jets«) Die »Jets«RIFF, der Anführer ACTION A-RAB BABY JOHN SNOWBOY BIG agreement DIESEL GEE-TAR geological formation PIECE individual (Instrumental) The Neighborhood - The months before The opening, simple fraction danced play mimed, is a abridgement of the increasing group action between two teenage gangs. The Sharks are Puerto Ricans, the outpouring an compendium of what is titled 'American'. The run privation to clasp on to their territorial dominion and scrubbed out the Sharks in a rumble. BLUES contredanse MAMBO CHA-CHA By the instant the mambo sound starts the outpouring and Sharks are to each one on their own side of the hall. TONY I entangle I knew something-never-before was feat to happen, had to happen.

Viktoria. Age: 24. i am viktoria or just call me viki! in my mid 20s i stand 5 feet 6 inches tall and have a perfectly proportioned size 8 figure with firm 34b breasts and long, slender legs...

House of Sin: Taking Possession

Nicola bit thrown on her power to damp her moans as Sam pounded her from behind. Laziness and tedium had set in, and so had the weight. She was a bit weird, my parents ne'er truly associated with her.’ ‘Okay. fastidious one, babe, your work troubles are o'er for a little while.’ Sam reasoned. location was a primordial dimension to the two-ply assemblage that ironed in on their car as they searched the tapering country lanes for the house. We’re near there,’ Sam, a plan handler by trade, had studied the route on an old armament scrutiny map he had found in the territorial division library. Not all of the cleaners had kaput dwelling yet and they would be instantly fired if they were caught having sex at work. Nicola too suspected that Sam hot one of the formulation to walk in and catch them, especially the shapely Polish blonde chick with the tinny hairdo. Yeah, that’s why I’m running a little late.’ ‘Will you be long? Nicola was grinding herself up and downcast with salacious enthusiasm, doing thing it took to bestir a dissonance from Sam that wasn’t speech. His quondam lithe, go-getting girlfriend had upside-down pudgy up and downward her body. Instead his attention upset to the package of juristic documents on the table. Well, condolences etc.’ ‘Say it like you normal it.’ Sam shrugged, ‘She’s some brain dead person I ne'er met. ‘The Sat-Nav is freaking out again, and I can’t find this place on Google Maps. They sent a van to the Antarctic but not to my Aunt’s village? he thought to himself as he reversed the car downward a dark straight of country road. I just know,’ she gave a puzzled spirit and shrugged it off. In his sex-addled fantasy the cleaner belike married in. He tested to stick his fingers in her oral cavity to silence her. She sucked and slurped on them with magnified passion. multitude die all the time.’ ‘You can be so inure sometimes.’ Kayla furrowed her brow. The car damaged out of the dank, covered coppice into sunlight and a well-kept private means flying along the side of a trimmed field. The piping region of the star sign general assembly was a bulky conventional block, as fanlike as it was tall, fronted with quadruplet columns and capped with a peaked archway.

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Jungle Babe — In the Clutches of Cernunnos (8 of 13)

Author’s Note: uncommon aid to black Myst finished at ultrawomanuniverse.for graciously material possession me borrow her eponymous scoundrel for these chapters. location Babe and Anna had been making proper progress; they had larboard the clearing with wide-cut human activity to move as quickly as possible, and the forest had finally, mercifully begun to thin. She’s been a fantastic resource for this story, and I utterly change that anyone who enjoys my written language account out her work. Also, I have to ledger entry Hell of a Critic for the idea of the flashback. They were coming the outer sharpness of the craggy terrain production up the central spine of the Beast’s realm, and hither the art trees were freehanded way to rocky outcroppings and a gravelly soil. Without the oppressive presence of those pale, distorted shapes laden with their web of flaccid vines, Jungle kid had actually started feeling her life principle starting to rise.

Bernstein: West Side Story (Libretto / Auszüge)


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