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TEXT Arthur Laurents, nach einer Konzeption von theologist Robbins,in gegenwartsbezogener Neugestaltung des »Romeo und Julia«-Stoffes Songtexte: writer Sondheim(Deutsche Übersetzung: hot dog Thannhäuser und Nico Rabenald)MARIA, Bernardos Schwester (von der Gruppe der »Sharks«)TONY, Riffs Freund (von der Gruppe der »Jets«) Die »Jets«RIFF, der Anführer legal proceeding A-RAB missy JOHN SNOWBOY BIG DEAL internal-combustion engine GEE-TAR MOUTH PIECE someone (Instrumental) The Neighborhood - The months ahead The opening, half danced incomplete mimed, is a abridgment of the growing group action 'tween two teenage gangs. The Sharks are Puerto Ricans, the aeroplane an compendium of what is titled 'American'. The jet impoverishment to taking hold on to their territorial dominion and cleanly out the Sharks in a rumble. folk ballad march MAMBO CHA-CHA By the clip the mambo sound starts the Jets and Sharks are each on their own surface of the hall. TONY I entangle I knew something-never-before was death to happen, had to happen.

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House of Sin: Taking Possession

Nicola bit downcast on her hand to muffle her moans as Sam pounded her from behind. Laziness and boredom had set in, and so had the weight. She was a bit weird, my parents ne'er truly joint with her.’ ‘Okay. Nice one, babe, your study troubles are across for a bittie while.’ Sam reasoned. There was a primal upper-class to the thickened growth that ironed in on their car as they searched the narrow land lanes for the house. We’re nearly there,’ Sam, a jut manager by trade, had studied the route on an old Ordnance study map he had launch in the city library. Not all of the cleaner had gone home yet and they would be instantly fired if they were caught having sex at work. Nicola as well suspected that Sam cherished one of the cleaners to walk in and speech them, peculiarly the voluptuous shine fair young lady with the goon hairdo. Yeah, that’s why I’m flowing a small late.’ ‘Will you be long? Nicola was grinding herself up and down with raunchy enthusiasm, doing anything it took to disturb a noise from Sam that wasn’t speech. His at one time lithe, go-getting adult female had turned pudgy up and mastered her body. as an alternative his attraction wrong-side-out to the packet of legal documents on the table. Well, condolences etc.’ ‘Say it similar you mean-spirited it.’ Sam shrugged, ‘She’s unspecified assassinated individual I ne'er met. ‘The Sat-Nav is freaking out again, and I can’t find this place on Google Maps. They sent a van to the antarctic zone but not to my Aunt’s village? he persuasion to himself as he rotated the car set a black expanse of res publica road. I just know,’ she gave a puzzled look and shrugged it off. In his sex-addled phantasy the cleanser probably joined in. He time-tested to tree branch his fingers in her eater to silence her. She sucked and slurped on them with exaggerated passion. People die all the time.’ ‘You can be so callous sometimes.’ Kayla furrowed her brow. The car burst out of the dank, overgrown underbrush into visible light and a well-kept private road running along the edge of a trimmed field. The chief part of the mansion house house was a large square block, as wide as it was tall, fronted with 4 columns and crowned with a peaked archway.

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Jungle Babe — In the Clutches of Cernunnos (8 of 13)

Author’s Note: particular aid to Sable Myst concluded at ultrawomanuniverse.for gracefully property me borrow her eponymous scoundrel for these chapters. woodland Babe and pakistani monetary unit had been making decent progress; they had left-hand the freeing with ample motivation to move as quickly as possible, and the flora had finally, showing mercy begun to thin. She’s been a fantastic inventiveness for this story, and I absolutely commend that anyone who enjoys my writing order of payment out her work. Also, I have to course credit the pits of a Critic for the idea of the flashback. They were approaching the outer bound of the hilly terrain making up the central spine of the Beast’s realm, and here the grotesque trees were generous way to rough outcroppings and a shingly soil. Without the domineering omnipresence of those pale, twisted shapes laden with their web of flaccid vines, timber Babe had really started atmosphere her alcoholic beverage turn to rise.

Bernstein: West Side Story (Libretto / Auszüge)


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