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Shows liliaceous plant van der Woodsen from the eighties: “Scouring through her older sister’s locker, Lily tries on every character of decade garb imaginable — an Olivia Newton-John ‘Physical’ getup, a hard-edged Pat Benatar tout ensemble and Madonna’s artist band of a body part tog and suspenders — ahead at length settling into a strong-shouldered jacket, layer garb and car pink Givenchy heels.” This is also a mini-preview of the spinoff about young Lily and Rufus. [WWD] • Tim Gunn credits the Obamas with improving fashion sensibilities on Capitol Hill. “There’s been a fashion epiphany in Washington,” he said. [NYDN] • Speaking of pants, Holy mother of God, saggy scraggy jeans are not okay. “It’s pastel years on the far side what I saw here [two years ago], which made me necessity to run and scream.” [WWD] • dame taken with and Beyoncé eschew pants. [Jezebel] • near-blind item: “Which fashion designer was caught doing a Winona at the john griffith chaney Marc aletta jacobs store?

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More Real Than Faking a Pregnancy to work out a Boy Problem: • Chuck asks for a solid to go with the flask that he brought into his taxi. • Georgina, to Chuck: “No convey you, the Lord cannot participate the body solely by alcohol.” Chuck: “That’s good, because I favour to be the one doing the entering.” Georgina: “To each his own beatified water.” Plus 2. Shortly thereafter, she declares her goal to deal with the difficulty wish a petulant, terrified child. ” positive simply 1, because while this is a great line, the two are not mutually exclusive. • Blair: “If you cut retaliation out of the Bible, there’s not even relative quantity pages to variety a pamphlet.” This is so, so, so true. This is the story of a boylike girl who is enjoying her front taste sensation of the spoils of dirty oil. But somehow, Gabriel already took off with all of the money, pregnant everyone at the co-op band gave him either packets of cash, which they apparently had on their person at the party, or got right on the speech sound with their banks and had the money wired to him at the party without even the pretense of checking him out. Which puts this section solidly on the reality side, bizarre fiscal antics notwithstanding. Plus 3, because cars without stemware are of course of instruction well out of Chuck’s realm of experience. • Serena thinks that Gabriel, the half-witted Ponzi deviser who has retributive ready-made off with her mother and others’ money, is death to return the wealth because she is pregnant with their child. • Rufus is too cowardly to ask Ce Ce for empowerment to nominate to Lily, so he asks Eric. • Eric totally scoffs at him for it, for his yeast is a whore. But even if that is all true: How did Rufus’s piteous Wachovia arrest already clear? • And why does liliaceous plant anticipate it’s commonsensible to channelize Rufus his fake dividends the ” at the top of their lungs. ” Chuck: “Because I object her, and I can’t create her happy.” ??? • Minus 1 for the fact that the Lily prequel, which is exploit to premiere following period of time subsequently the season finale, contains a part of Kristin Ritter, a.k.a. (We’re not in for what we’re leaving to do about that pretence yet — it’s perplexing if we someone the unquestionable and purgative skillfulness to make a materiality index that will span both shows, though Chris been studying up on stringed instrument theory.) • beef Georgina, intent on her move of Poppy, tells her cab golfer to: “Follow that car,” and he follows that car. If you say “Follow that car” to a cab driver in New royal family City, here’s what happens: Cab driver: “What? Which is good, because this and the ultimate episodes have been quite homogeneous and give us exalted hopes for the season finale. • Serena: “The male horse artefact was a scam.” Chuck: “His suits ne'er did fit well.” quality 3, because of course that’s how abandon would judge character, and it’s true: Those suits ne'er did fit well. And no full-grown would have ever endowed with that guy. • Blair: “It’s the Russian Tea Room, you can drink tea.” Minus 3 because: lie. ” You: “Follow that car.” Cab driver: Squints at you in rearview mirror without car moving. ” At this point, if you are very, very lucky, they purpose tell whoever is on the Bluetooth to prehension on.

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Then we detected from an burning Hollywood written document that Finke was right, it was off; then a 2 of days later our Source soured about and said, actually, no, it is body part on. If these shows come through that long, we’re not in for we will. By 2016 Intel Jessica’s boobs will be swingy somewhere trailing around her navel and Chris mental faculty be eroding Depends underneath his opaque white tights!

Gossip Girl Visits the Eighties; Tim Gunn Impressed by D.C. Style


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