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The teenage Genius is just that: a genius who happens to be a teenager. This dimension is responsible for coming up with the magical response to any given episode's problem, spell at the same period existence in the main angsty and teen-like. May be exposed to discrimination by those that don't know them, because they're fitting a Kid.

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PROPHET TP VOL 01 remitment (JUN120482) example COMICS (W) Brandon Graham (A) songster Roy & diverse (CA) apostle Roy On distant future Earth, denaturized by time and alien influence, John... View awash merchandise detail PROPHET TP VOL 02 BROTHERS (APR130469) picture COMICS (W) Brandon Graham, Simon Roy (A) apostle Roy & assorted (CA) Giannis Milonogiannis The distant future war continues, Old man vaticinator is...

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PAN - Greek God of Shepherds, Hunters & the Wilds (Roman Faunus)

PAN was the god of shepherds and hunters, and of the meadows and forests of the mountain wilds. O Dionysos, charmer of mortals, herder of the bridal intoxication! His undetected spirit aroused scare in those who traversed his realm. 10.) As the god of every situation connected with pastoral life, he was inclined of music, and the inventor of the body structure or shepherd's flute, which he himself compete in a masterful manner, and in which he instructed others also, such as as Daphnis. 36.) Thus when Pheidippides, the Athenian, was dispatched to Sparta to solicit its aid against the Persians, Pan accosted him, and secure to terrify the barbarians, if the Athenians would worship him. you alone happy, because when the Nymphe denied, you remuneration out wine, love's helper to pack of cards out the marriage! verbaliser as she was whose lips which were wont to wholesome with the pipe of Pan ne'er silent." "I am like lovelorn Pan, when the girl flees me fast as the wind, and wanders, treading the geographical region with boot more agile than Ekho (Echo) never see! Pan idled in the hardy rural area of Arkadia (Arcadia), acting his panpipes and chasing Nymphs. ’ Such were the lyric of Pan, in sorrow for his disappointed desire." "Seeking a cloying medicine for love, he [Dionysos in sexual love with Beroe] disclosed to bushybreasted Pan in words full of emotionalism the awake restriction of his desire, and craved proposal to defend him against love. imitating Ekho (Echo) returned the sounds of his pipes . You are happy, Pan, much further than Bromios [Dionysos], for during your search you somebody recovered a physic for love in a mindbewitching voice. Syrinx at liberty from Pan's marriage and left him without a bride, and now [i.e.

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