Gakken vr-052 battler cyclone vintage toys

From Kids Logic this 1/4 Scale sculpture shows our hero Scott Bernard in his Armored atmosphere ready for battle. This sculpture stand 18 inches leggy on a rubble themed base and features 5 LED achromatic up points. General country Warning: Products oversubscribed by BBTS may be intended for mature Collectors.

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Robotech Macross - VR-052 Battler Veritech Cyclone Battloid and Motorcycle Mecha Paper Models Download

The VR-052 Cyclone was the standard variable motorcycle/armor mecha of the Robotech military unit infantry. The Cyclone came in two modes, the -T model utilized for light-coloured assault missions and was armed with an EP-40 ion pulse pistol, and the -F piece of writing for frontline assaults, with forearm-mounted mini missiles. Pilots wore the CVR-3 body part armor, which provided bond points for the mecha's battloid mode.

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Cyclone - Stargate Ithica

The atmosphere is floating horseback riding outfit made-up by the old human Zor. The Cyclone unit is a light, but heavy-duty motorcycle that can alter into locomotion battle protection that is more formidable than a modern battle tank. The atmosphere uses 'variable translation technology' fictional by Zor(dubbed 'veritech') and is combined of extremely alloys that are unbelievably light, making the creation of a heavily armoured, man-sized veritech group action component possible.

Robotech Armored Cyclone VR052F Scott Bernard 1/4 Scale Statue


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